What Sets Us Apart

Kids Love Us and Parents Trust Us

At East Alabama Pediatric Dentistry, we welcome each young patient as family and care for them with patience and kindness.

Dr. Keri and our team know that fun, supportive, and safe dental visits are essential: when a child learns that seeing the dentist means seeing with friends – lots of laughter and encouragement – they feel at ease. This comfort in the dental environment stays with them as they grow and graduate to a general dentist.

We are dedicated to providing care and experiences that have a lasting, positive impact on a child’s physical, emotional, and smile health.

Why Choose East Alabama Pediatric Dentistry as You Child’s Dental Home?

While many offices provide good dentistry, Dr. Keri and our team take pride in the genuine care and compassion we offer to the families we are honored to serve.

Teddy Roosevelt once said, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Dr. Keri and our team know this true, especially with children. We can preach good dental hygiene and diet, but until a child knows that we care about them, and trusts that we have their best interests at heart, their ears might not hear the message.

It is our goal to provide each child with top-notch dental care, offered with kindness and love. It is our hope that our approach will result in a lifetime of good oral health and positive attitudes toward dentistry for every patient we have the pleasure to serve.

Child-Friendly and Family-Oriented

We have designed our office to be warm and engaging, starting with reception, which feels like walking into a park. This space has a fountain, 3D trees literally coming from the walls, and a fish tank that children love!

Our clinical spaces continue the theme, and offer televisions, coloring tables, and puppet teaching aids for children to play and learn while they are being seen. Our hygiene area is a bay setting, where kids can see older siblings receiving care and talk with kids their own age, too.

We welcome parents of toddlers and small children to accompany their child while being treated, and extend that option as the little one grows. Having parents and children together, during treatment, helps the family feel secure.

It also allows all of us – Dr. Keri, our team, our patient, and their parent – to talk about dental hygiene, nutrition, and developing good habits. We’re always available to answer questions, provide guidance and encouragement, and share laughter and stories with children and families!

Schedule an Appointment

Our Auburn, AL pediatric dental office welcomes infants, children, teens, and youth with special needs from throughout Lee County. Please contact us to schedule a visit for your child, today!

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