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Enhance Your Child's Comfort Level with a Tour

Our team is committed to making sure your child is comfortable and relaxed when they visit the dentist. We want them to know who they will be spending some time with while they are in our care. Please follow along with our short story with your child for a quick tour of our dental facility.

Welcome to Our Dentist Office

Meet Mo and Laura. They'll help your mom and dad with their paperwork and make sure you have all of your appointments made. They love to laugh and say hello as you come in the door!
At the dentist, we have fun things for you to do while you wait for your turn. You may watch cartoons in our cool baseball room or play with the fun toys in the children’s area.
When it's your turn, someone will come out and call your name. We have four hygienists that work here. A hygienist is a professional at teeth brushing! You'll get to meet Larissa, LaKisha, Lisa, or Toi when you get your teeth cleaned.
The hygienist will take you back to your very own chair. The big blue chair will lay you back like you are lying in your bed at home. We have to lay you down so we can see all of your teeth, especially the ones in the very back.
To make sure your teeth get sparkling clean, the hygienist will use several special instruments; a mirror to see with, our special tooth counter to explore with, a spinning tooth brush, yummy toothpaste, water to rinse off the toothpaste, and a straw that slurps all the water out of your mouth!

Another thing the hygienist will do is take pictures of your teeth. Did you know that cavities can grow in-between your teeth? That's why it's very important for you to sit still and let us take pictures with our big camera.
Once your teeth have been cleaned, Dr. Keri will come to count your teeth and check them for any cavity bugs. You have to open super big so she can get a good look. Dr. Keri is the dentist - she is a tooth expert! She knows everything about your teeth.
Dr. Keri
After you have gotten your teeth cleaned, counted, and checked, you will get a prize bag. It is full of your very own instruments that you can use to keep your teeth clean at home. In your prize bag, there will be a new tooth brush, tooth paste, and floss. You will also have a choice of one prize and two stickers from the treasure chest!
If Dr. Keri found any cavity bugs on your teeth when she checked them, you will then have to come back for another visit. This visit will be with Dr. Keri and her assistant. They will call your name and bring you back to a different room than where you had your teeth cleaned.
Dr. Keri and Nicole
Dr. Keri’s assistant will lean you back in a chair just like the hygienist did. She has a very funny rubber nose that she will sit right on top of your nose that makes you look like Mickey Mouse! The rubber nose has magic air that comes out that you have to breathe in. The magic air makes you feel silly and helps you to open really big. At this appointment, Dr. Keri will use her water whistle to scare away all the cavity bugs. When you have your teeth fixed, they will have different instruments than what they used to clean them. She'll use a mirror to see with, a tooth counter to explore with, cotton to keep your teeth very dry, a tooth paint brush, and a pretty blue light.
After Dr. Keri has finished fixing all of your teeth, her assistant will let you pick prizes from her prize buckets. Once you have chosen your prize, you will be all ready to go!
We love getting to know you and can't wait until you come back again!
Call us at 
334-321-0780 to schedule your in-person tour of our facility.
East Alabama Pediatric Dentistry is pleased to provide you with a photo tour of our facility. Take a look around and we hope to see you soon!

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